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PBL: Who Are We?

Driving Question: How does branding empower teams to succeed?

At Bell, we focus on becoming architects of our own learning. To succeed as critical and creative thinkers we need to approach our learning with a growth mindset. We need to be challenged in order to grow. Does that mean we may fall flat on our faces from time to time? Heck yes! Does that mean we've failed. No way! It means we are learning. As a 7th grade iSTEM team we will embrace this messy process of learning and discovery.

During our first weeks, we will work as a team to learn about our core values while establishing a focus for our year. In order to discover who we are we will create a team vision, team nickname, team song, and team graphic design/logo. Another task that will bring us together as a community is to use our core values to create our team behavior expectations. By the end of this short PBL, we will have explored how branding can empower and motivate us as a team of learners to succeed throughout this year. Yay us!