Welcome to 7 Green


Teacher websites can be found here:

Ms. Clark

Ms. Freeman

Ms. Tamburini

Mr. Landon

Ms. Daluz

Ms. Meyer

Please check it often for latest classroom information.


Late Work Policy

· You may turn in work up to 2 days late with a late pass for earned credit.

· You may turn in work up to 2 days late without a late pass for 70% credit.

· Any work turned in past 2 days late will receive 50% credit until the end of the unit.

**After the unit test, there will be NO credit given.



After you are absent, you need to check the assignment calendar or website to find out what you missed. All worksheets can be found in the crate under the calendar. School policy allows 2 days for every absence. PLEASE come see me if you need more time. Tests and quizzes need to be made up ASAP.


Tardy Policy

We strictly follow the school policy regarding tardiness. The first tardy will result in a warning, the second tardy will be a phone call home and 15 minutes of after school detention, the third tardy will be a phone call home and 30 minutes of after school detention, and any tardy after will be a referral to administration. Students must have a pass from another teacher in order for the tardy to be excused.



We expect every student to follow all Summit Ridge policies in our classrooms. It is also important to remember that all students learn differently and at different paces. Your class will be working together as a team to learn this material and you all need to respect the ideas of all your classmates. It is also important that if you are having any problems in class or at school to come talk to us at any time so we can help you. We have an open door policy and if you need anything please come see us.


Seven Green is a "NO GUM" hallway. When you are caught chewing it, you will be asked to dispose of it in the nearest trash can.  Chronic gum chewers will waste a lot of money.