Math Videos - Unit 5

Unit 5, Lesson 4    * I noticed that I made (at least) one mistake in this video.  If you notice a mistake, write down what my mistake was and at exactly what time in                                                the video it happened and you will get a ticket!
                              **Please be sure to complete the questions at the end of the video in your journal.  You will be sharing your equation and  diagram in class                                                          tomorrow.  

Unit 5, Lesson 9  In this lesson, we are reviewing and practicing simplifying expressions, analyzing expressions, using properties, and recognizing equivalent                                                       expressions.  So, you have two options for this lesson: 
                            1) Watch the Lesson 9 Show Me using this link:  Unit 5, Lesson 9 video
                            2) If you feel like you have mastered the concepts listed above, you can do Destination Math for Lesson 8 instead.  (if you don't                                                         remember how to get there, follow the instructions on the "Math" page.  
                        ***You must choose one of these options and write examples in your journal for the choice you made.  (I will be checking journals taking a grade on your notes.)  

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