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Hello Top Dogs and Parents! Welcome to The Reading Resources page for  6th grade!  Below is information that will help you keep organized and on-time for reading .
Learning Objectives for the month of April:
In unit 7- Pulling It All Together: Higher Level Comprehension- students are expected to integrate and reflect on how they use all of the comprehension strategies they have acquired.
We will be focusing on "Day With Out Hate" lessons as the 6th graders work in collaborative groups to create higher order thinking skill lessons for other grade levels.
6th Graders will have no required homework to turn in each week during the months of April and May. Students may need to complete in-class assignments at home if not completed during literacy block. As always, all 6th graders need to be reading a minimum of 30 minutes a night at home, but no reading log will required.
Early Release Day - April 23rd
Meiklejohn "Day With Out Hate" - April 23rd
Easter Egg Hunt - April 18th