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Math Expressions!

Expressions and Equations!!!  
We are so excited to be diving into some pre-algebra concepts!!  This unit is very exciting for some students, but adding variables to our equations (letters!!) can be intimidating as well.  The more you can support you can provide at home the better!  Make sure your child is watching 

                          Look for a Family Letter to come home in Thursday Folders at the beginning of each unit.   

Tips and Tricks
...to experience success in math

Sixth grade math concepts become rather difficult and many parents find themselves struggling to support their child's learning.  Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

*Ask questions!!  If you have a question, others do as well, please ask questions in class!

*Listen carefully and take good notes in class.  Our interactive math notebooks should help guide you in the note-taking process.

*Complete homework nightly!! 

*Give your best effort to everything you do!

Please click on the Math Resources tab to the left for links to online support for practicing facts and concepts.  Two favorites are highlighted below.

 This website may require signing up, it's worth it!   http://www.ixl.com/
 This is a great resource for extra practice or if you're looking for a challenge:   www.khanacademy.org

Forgot your paper homework?
Follow these directions to get you to the Homework and Remembering workbook online:
1) Click Here to get to ThinkCentral.com
2) Sign in following these directions:
    a. Enter State
    b. Select District, **Be careful to select the top option "Jefferson         Co Dist. R-1, Golden, 80401"
    c.  Select school, *Be sure to choose Meiklejohn Elementary,              Meiklejohn preschool is also an option
3) Enter your name: jeffco_(student id #) and 
                password:  Jeffco123!
4) Click "my library"
5) Click "Student Edition"
6) Select Volume: Units 1-4 are in Volume 1, 5-9 are Volume 2
7) Click on the correct lesson in the glossary, or use the quick            naviagtion options to get to the correct lesson.   
8) While in the correct lesson, click on the "Lesson __ Resources button at the top and select "Homework" and "Remembering"

Destination Math Assignment:
                1) Follow the directions for #1-7 to the Left under "Forgot your                                      homework?"
                2) Click on the "Math Resources" button at the top of the page
                3) Scroll to Destination Math
                4) Complete lesson as assigned in class