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Homework Time!

  • April 21, 2017
    MANDATORY HOMEWORK: due Thursday, April 27, 2017
    - Read Nightly
    - Practice math facts and trick words frequently (Trick word list attached for the test Friday 4/28)

    Optional Homework - due Thursday, April 27, 2017
    - Math Workbook Pages 187, 189
    Posted Apr 21, 2017, 12:18 PM by Ken Zinn
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  • April 21, 2017
    Parents- In math we will be doing a combination of unit 6 and unit 7 to end the year.  You will notice the optional homework pages may skip around the next few weeks.  Please pay close attention to the pages assigned each week.  Also, there will be a Unit 6 and 7 math newsletter with the final bonus project coming out next week.

    Upcoming Dates:
    • 2nd Grade Musical: Tuesday, April 25th
    • Early Release @ 1pm: Friday, April 28th
    Posted Apr 21, 2017, 12:21 PM by Ken Zinn
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Library Days

Bring books back by library day to check out a new book.

 Ball:  Tuesdays
 Jess:  Thursdays
 Legault:  Fridays

2nd Grade Life Skills

The 2nd graders will be learning "Life Skills" each week during Friday morning meetings. Please reinforce and practice these skills at home.

4/14/2017: In everything that you do, ALWAYS try your absolute BEST!

4/7/2017: Your parents do things for you all the time. Think of a way you can do extra special things to appreciate them this week.

3/17/2017: Recognize that people can choose to make positive changes in themselves. Give people a second chance to show they are trying to change.

3/10/2017: If you hear a rumor, put a stop to it. Before you repeat anything you hear think to yourself "Is it true?...Is it kind?...Is it necessary?" - Bernard Meltzer

3/3/2017: Understand that saying "I'm sorry," also means, "I wish I hadn't done it and I promise not to do it again."

2/17/2017: Remember the importance of sharing. At some point you will need to borrow something too.

2/10/2017: Set and monitor a health goal for this week.

2/3/2017: Challenge yourself to sincerely compliment at least 3 people a day.

1/27/2017: Recognize respectful language (spoken, written, song, etc.) and be assertive if you hear something disrepectful.

1/20/2017: When someone asks you to stop, it is your responsibility to stop.

1/13/2017: Take time to think about the difference between being "competitive" and being unkind.

12/9/2016: Surprise somebody by demonstrating a random act of kindness.

12/2/2016: If you're doing something sneaky, you probably feel it's wrong, so make a better choice.

11/11/2016: When someone is talking, turn to him/her and make eye contact the whole time.

11/4/2016: When you misplace something, blame yourself and problem solve before accusing other people.

10/21/2016: Body language speaks loudly...think about what it is saying to others.

10/7/2016: Stand up for what you believe in, even if you are standing alone.

9/30/2016: When another person asks to be part of your group, accept them.

9/22/2016: When you see a student playing alone, ask if they would like to play with you.

9/16/2016: If you need to cough or sneeze, use your elbow instead of your hand.

9/9/2016: Say "Excuse me" and wait for an action before putting your body between two people.

9/2/2016: When someone holds a door open for you, say "thank you" as you walk through it.

8/26/2016: If you are the first one to the door, hold it open for the person or people behind you.

8/19/2016: When you meet someone new, stick out your right hand and introduce yourself.

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