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Homework Time!

  • May 20th, 2018
    MUST DO Homework Due 5/17/18
    -Practice Math Facts
    -Read Nightly
    -Practice Trick Word Flash Cards

    Posted May 20, 2018, 8:30 AM by Ashleigh Groe
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  • May 20th, 2018
    Second Grade Updates:

    *CAMP WEEK (May 21st-May 23rd) Second graders will "go to camp" in the the classroom to celebrate the end of the school year. On Monday morning you may send your child with a sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight, and one small stuffed animal. Please look over the Camp Week Sign-up link to see if there are ways in which you can donate.  It takes a lot to put on this fun event for the kids and we would appreciate any help you can provide with donating items. 

    *Summer Birthdays- Does your child have a birthday during the summer?  If so you're invited to send a treat (if you would like) on the very last day of school!

    *Last Day of School- May 24th- Student will be dismissed at 1:00 from the field.  Please feel free to join us for a Ralston family picnic starting at 12:00.  All students need a lunch from home on this day as the cafeteria will not be operating.  PLEASE CHECK IN WITH YOUR HOMEROOM TEACHER WHEN YOU ARRIVE TO THE FIELD TO SIGN YOUR CHILD OUT! :)
    Posted May 20, 2018, 8:32 AM by Ashleigh Groe
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Library Days

Bring books back by library day to check out a new book.

 Ball:  Tuesdays
 Jess:  Thursdays
 Legault:  Fridays

2nd Grade Life Skills

The 2nd graders will be learning "Life Skills" each week during Friday morning meetings. Please reinforce and practice these skills at home.

Life Skill 5. 13.18:  When a conflict arises, take a minute to calm yourself down before you react.  Make a positive plan!

Previously Learned Skills:

Life Skill 5.6.18:  Realize that you don't have to act the way you may feel 

Life Skill 4.29.18:  Practice being patient at times when it's hard

Life Skill 4.21.18: Stop yourself and listen carefully instead of interrupting another person who is speaking. 

Life Skill 4.14.18: Pay attention to the invisible personal space bubble surrounding you and those around you.  Don't pop the bubble!

Life Skill 4.8.18: Consider and explain the difference between "be first" and "me first."  Be first to be kind!

Life Skill 3.22.18: When you notice something that would embarrass another person, tell them in private without pointing it out to other people.  

Life Skill3.17.18: Make an effort to spend time with new people.  

Life Skill 3.2.18: When you see something out of place on the ground, pick it up and decide what the best thing is to do with it. 

Life Skill 2.24.18: Decide if you should get involved in a situation before you insert yourself

Life Skill 2.18.18: Leave the areas you've been to looking better than when you arrived.

Life Skill 2.3.18:Challenge yourself not to say, "I can't." Think of some other ways to respond when things are difficult. 

Life Skill 1.20.18: Take time to think about what you want to say before you offer to share your ideas. 

Life Skill 1.13.18: Be grateful when you are given something, and don't ask for more unless it's offered to you. 

Life Skill 12.17.17: Practice self control when you want something that doesn't belong to you.  Think about how your actions affect others if you keep something that belongs to someone else. 

Life Skill 12.8.17: Reflect on the difference between being confident and bragging. 

Life Skill 12.1.17: When you misplace something, blame yourself and problem solve before accusing other people.

Life Skill 11.20.17: Take time to think about the people and things in your life you are thankful for. Think of some ways to show your gratitude. 

Life Skill: Consider ways to compliment others, and what to say when someone compliments you.

Life Skill: When you and another person arrive at the same place, at the same time, give them a signal (spoken or hand signal) to go first. 

Life Skill 10/20/17: Focus on being aware of your surroundings to help guide your decision making.

9/29/17: Think about how you treat materials and if it is helpful or hurtful to our classroom community.

9/22/17: After eating, respectfully clean up after yourself.

9/15/17: Say "excuse me" and wait for an action before putting your body between two people.

9/8/17:  A good citizen does the right thing even when nobody is watching.

9/1/17: Be aware of what your words and actions are communicating to others. 

8/26/17: If you are the first one to the door, hold it open for the person or people behind you. 

8/18/17: When you meet someone new, stick out your right hand and introduce yourself.

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