Class News

Your child has worked so hard throughout this year, and we would like their transition to second grade to be a smooth one.  Therefore, we are suggesting several ways to help your child maintain their reading, writing, and mathematics skills over the summer.

Reading: Please, please, continue reading daily with your child.  Visit the public library often.  This will help maintain your child's current reading level.  There is a complete list of books in reading level order on the internet. This will bring up a list of book titles starting with Level One.  Please note the grade levels on this list are different from our expected grade levels.  We expect our second graders to be able to read a Level 18 independently, with the ability to retell the story in order using character names and details.  You may also visit the Library tab on our website  for many interactive sites for your child to explore.

Writing & Spelling: In order to maintain writing skills, we recommend that your child write several times each week.  Some fun ideas to get you started would be weekend news articles, postcards or letters to friends and relatives, grocery lists, and dinner menus.

Mathematics: Continue to work on addition and subtraction facts.  Please continue to quiz your child on their facts throughout the summer.  Please reinforce coin identification as well as telling time.

We have enjoyed working with your child this past school year.  We know that if they continue to work on their skills throughout the summer they will have a great start to second grade!