All About the 100 Mile Club

100 Mile Club at Patterson International

Purpose: The 100 Mile Club is meant to help improve student fitness and learning readiness.  We hope to help students with goal setting and achievement.  Physical activity helps with academic performance and behavior.

Enrollment: All students are enrolled in the 100 mile club for free.  Students can pay $10 to receive an official 100 Mile Club t-shirt (not required to participate). 

Medals and Incentives: Students will receive small incentives at the 25, 50, and 75 MILEstones.  At 50 miles their name will go up on the hall of fame (50 miles=bronze, 75 miles=silver, 100 miles=gold).  Progress will be tracked by grade level at the big map near the kindergarten wing.  There will be a medal ceremony at the end of the year where all kids get a certificate for participating and students who run/walk 100 miles will receive a gold medal.

Tracking Miles: Students need about 3 miles per week to reach 100 miles by the end of the school year.  Laps will be tracked with popsicle sticks (green=1 lap, blue=2, yellow=3, red=4 or 1 mile).  Students will turn in red sticks to receive credit for their mile.  There will be monthly 5k races that students and staff will be encouraged to participate in.  These miles can be counted towards the 100 miles.  However, to provide all students with the same opportunity, no other miles can be tracked outside of school.  

Opportunities to track miles: Students can run/walk at supervised morning sessions (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7:40-8:00).  Tuesday and Thursdays students will have opportunities to track miles at recess.  Feel free to take your students out for opportunities to run/walk as a class.