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Pamban Swamigal

Kumara Guru Dasa Swamigal or Pamban Swamigal (1848-1929)
Pamban Swami's full name is Atiyaserma Sudha Vithiga Saiva Siddhanta Ganabanu, which means Pamban Swami is full of sayasi. He was a sanyasi who followed the suddha advaita in the Vaideha way of Saiva Siddhanta in the Dāsa Marga.
Pamban Swamigal,   a devotee of Lord  Muruga,was a great Saint. He was a married man  leading the life of a householder.   Though a householder he practised deep sadhana every day, much to the consternation of his family. His family feared that he would, one day, walk out of the family as a result of his devotion to the Lord.

One day, he  sat on the terrace of his house meditating on Lord Muruga. Suddenly he felt a  deep urge to go to Palani .  At once he walked down and  informed his family that he was  leaving for Palani. Fear gripped his wife who felt that he was walking out of the family and would never return. But she  felt hesitant to  question him on this line. So, she requested a friend of Pamban Swamigal to advice him against going to Palani. When  the friend requested the Swamigal not to go, Pamban Swamigal told him, “Lord Muruga has asked me to come to Palani.” He thought that hearing this his family would not stop him from visiting Palani.
Pamban Swamigal went back to the terrace. No sooner had he sat down than he heard a loud, thundering voice.  It was the voice of  Lord Muruga. The Divine voice said, “Did I ask you to come to Palani?”
The Swamigal was  stunned and he trembled in fear. He said “No, Lord!”
 The Divine voice of Lord Muruga said at once, “Until I tell you, you should  not come to Palani.”
Lord Muruga never called Pamban Swamigal to Palani and the Swamigal never visited the holy town all his life.  In fact, he has sung several verses begging the Lord to call him to Palani.
God does not tolerate untruth even if it is for a noble reason that involves Him.