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TBA Assignments

Open the attachment below for March TBA Workshops. 

There are a couple of ways to satisfy your TBA hours. Whichever way suits your needs best, please complete a TBA log, attached below.  
  1. Workshops: Attend the excellent workshops in 9-206.  Log in to their computer and follow their directions. Each month I will post the schedule at the bottom of this page. Also, you can find the workshop schedule on this Learning Center link:
  2. Blog: Create and maintain a blog. (See directions below.) I list current Blog Assignments on the Blog Assignments page.
Additional notes:
Jeanne Gross,
Mar 30, 2011, 9:48 AM
Jeanne Gross,
Jan 31, 2011, 7:09 AM
Jeanne Gross,
Mar 30, 2011, 9:41 AM