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Greetings ESL 924/Math 110 Students! 

Welcome to this site. It is my goal to establish the most positive, challenging, joyful, enriching classroom environment possible. To support our work in  ESL 924, I will also be posting resources and assignments. This site will also be hosting your work and your ideas. As we proceed in class, please share your suggestions, questions or concerns with me after class, during office hours, or contact me by telephone or email. I want to hear from you. Contact Infogross@smccd.edu or 650-306-3416. Office Hours:  M/W, 11-12 in 3-235, TH 6-7 or by appointment

See turnitin.com page for directions

ESL 924 Spring 14 Work Plan 

Note: Check this site  for daily updates and classroom activities. Please bring your text, as well as electronic versions of your work to each session. 






  • Course information and introductory activities
  • Gerund mini-lesson View Download
  • HW: Buy or order your book; complete gerunds sheet






  • Parallelism
  • Student Services sheet discussion
  • Personal Statement Samples 2, 3 and 4 reading and discussion
  • Scoring sheet
  • Learning Center Orientation, 9:30
  • HW: Read Parts of a Paragraph, pages 5, 6, Formulate and submit three questions. 
  • Topic sentences review, exercises and discussion (Did you submit question?) 
  • Reading Circles 2
  • Scholarship letters, etc. 
  • Leave class at 10:40 to go to STEM day, bring STEM sheet to class on Monday
  • HW: Read page 8 and page 11 and 14 (We will do the exercises together, so don't worry about those.) Finish your Personal Statement 





  • Scholarship Applications due on February 13, 2014 at 11:59 p.m 
  • Concluding sentences review; see ex 9 responses
  • Error correction group essay
  • Chapter 4 
  • HW: For a short quiz, read key parts of Chap 2--Intro (23), Unity (bottom of 24), Coherence (bottom of 26) Repetition of key nouns (top of 27) and top of 29, Consistent Pro (top of 30) Transition signals (bottom of 31) 




  • Key concepts of Chapter 2: Unity and Coherence
  • Chapter 5 discussion and analysis
  • Essay 1  Work
  • Essay 1 discussion
  • Quiz on Chapter 1 and 2 (just the parts you read on HW 2/12)
  • HW: Draft Essay 1 for Monday; bring electronic version to class



  • PLEASE upload Essay 1  to turnitin.com (Ask me if you need help!) 
  • Clause Day
  • Working with Chapter 9
  • HW: Exercise 4 on p. 180 (Skip #2) and 6 on p. 181



  • Peer review of Essay 1 on turnitin.com
  • Discussion of process
  • Sentence type Jeopardy Game 
  • Chapter 9 review and questions
  • HW: Type the editing exercise on p. 187
  • Faculty Flex Day--No Class! 





  • College play discussion
  • Adjective Clause preview
  • Essay 1, Draft 2 due--Final edit and upload
  • Chapter 7 work
  • HW: Read text, pages 247 to 259 (skip exercises) 



  • Essay 2, D1 due -- bring electronic version
  • Self/Peer Review
  • Chapter 13 review
  • HW: Complete review of Essay 2, D1 and upload by Wednesday pm

Spring Break (3/30-4/5)





  • Chapter 14 Practice View Download
  • Essay 2 Instructor Feedback
  • Essay 2 Peer Review
  • Essay 2 Revision Plan
  • EOPS 10:30
  • HW: Revise Essay 2 for Wednesday upload; bring electronic version to class. 
  • Chapter 14 more clause reductions (time frames) 
  • Essay 2, D2 due
  • Final Edit
  • Developing a website, posting a Welcome message 
  • Argumentative/Persuasive Essays, Chapter 8



  • Noun Clause
  • Practice 1 and 2
  • Argumentative essay analysis
  • Essay 3 Brainstorming
  • Beginning research
  • HW: Identify one article for Essay 3; read it carefully and identify a possible quote





Essay 3 due--one draft only (bring electronic






1-- 8/19-8/21

First day information and activities


  • Buy or order textbooks tonight! 
  • Finish Language Learning History letter--print or email gross@smccd.edu

Language Learning History letter due

Gerund/infin powerpoint 
View Download 

Paragraph structure -- unscramble this paragraph Download (Now see the ordered paragraph Download

Technology Teams

HW: Read Gerunds/Infinitives Part I; do gerund worksheet, both sides 

(Optional, read this website about academic paragraphs.) 

2-- 8/26-8/28

More Gerund/Infinitives

Paragraph Structure: Topic sentences exercises and thesis statement exercise:

HW: Ex 28, p315, ex 30, p. 318, Azar (Answers: View Download

Previewing texts

Paragraph to essay Download

Learning Center Orientation 9:30 (Gather info for stand-alone paragraph)

Using examples and details in your paragraphs

Creating Panel questions

HW: Write stand-alone paragraph on Learning Center and do ex 32, p. 318, Azar (Answers View Download

3 --9/2-9/4


Question development for Student Panel

Student Panel and Discussion

Paragraph 1 review Download

STEM Center visit 

HW: Revise and upload paragraph 1 to turnitin.com


Gerunds/Infins, part 2 View Download

STEM Center sheets

turnitin.com review

Group essay ThS dev and drafting

View Download

Group Essay, Draft 1 Due

HW: Ex 4 p 332, Ex 18 p 338, Ex 31 p 345 (AnswersView Download

Revising Group Essay 1 or Essay 2

Group Essay, Draft 2 due

Practice Quiz, Gerunds/Infinitives; See answers: View Download

Journalling re quiz

HW: Ex 37, p 348, Review chapters 14, 15 for quiz. Prepare Homework Notebook to turn in at quiz.View Download


Quiz: Gerunds/Infinitives (See practice 

quiz answers: View Download)

Editing Group Essay 1 or Essay 2

Discussion New Media vs. Old Media

HW: Read New Media (Writing text) pages 30-33; Answer B questions page 33

Coordinating Conjunctions Intro View Download

New Media reading discussion and analysis

Clause Poster Creation 

HW: Ex 2, 3 p 352, 353 and 6, p. 354 (Answers View Download)


Coordination conjunctions: correlative conjunctions View Download

Clause poster presentations

Feedback Group Essay 1 or Essay 2

HW: Ex 12, p 358 and Ex 15, p. 360

Coordinating Conjunctions View Download

Feedback Essay 2

Essay 1 discussion and planning  Download

New Media text review

Opposing Viewpoints search for information, E1

HW: Read articles from Opposing Viewpoints search (bring paper or electronically to class), Grammar: Ex 18, p. 361 and 20, p. 362


Adverb Clauses View Download 


Summarizing View Download/Paraphrasing View Download

Thesis statement review and development: post your thesis


Sentence structure review

HW: Ex 13, 373, Ex 16 and 17, p. 374 and 375                  

Adv clauses View Download

Punctuating quotations: rules and exercises

Essay 1, Draft 1 due: Bring electronic version to class for self and peer review 

HW: Ex 20, p. 376, Ex. 23, p. 377, Ex. 27, p. 380


Adverb Clauses View Download

Review Essay 1, D1; See sample essay 1 and sample essay 2 

Upload Essay 1, D1 

Sentence Structure review

HW: Ex 30, p 381 and Ex 38, p. 385 

Media Preference Survey (Opportunity to win $150 Amazon certificate, Password: Canada) 

Reducing Adv. Clauses 
View Downloadfind the dangling modifer

CBOT presentation (9:00)

MLA Basics

Essay 2 introduction/brainstorming

HW: Ex 2 and 3, p 388, 389


Essay 1, Draft 2 due in turnitin.com

Reducing Adv. Clauses View Download

Practice Quiz: Coordinating Conjunctions/Adv. Clauses/Adv. Phrases

Journalling re grammar quiz

HW: Study for quiz

Quiz: Coordinating Conjunctions/Adv. Clauses/Adv. Clauses 

Practice Quiz Answers View Download and more Answers View Download

Theater opportunities: campus, Hollywood style and off

Note: Turn in Homework notebook! 

Essay 2 work -- brainstorming topics and brainstorming activity

HW: Adjective Clauses, Ex. 2 and 3 on p. 271, Ex. 8 on 273


 Adjective Clause View Download

Research for Sports essay 2 (email or download) 

Essay 2 Thesis Statements 

Attend 8 in Theater at 9:45

HW: Ex. 7 p 273, Ex. 11 p 274, Ex. 12 p 275

Reducing Adv. Clauses View Download

Review adv. clauses--adv. phrases, Ex. 9, Make up section View Download

Extra practice: adverb clauses to adverb phrases 

Adjective Clause 2 View Download

Essay 2 Thesis Statements Thesis statement/outline 

HW: Ex. 17 p 277, Ex. 27 p. 281 and essay 2 draft


Adjective Clause 2 View Download

Essay 2, Draft 1 due

Self/Peer Review 

Adjective Clause 2 review View Download

Adjective Clause 3 (including adj clause to adj phrase) View Download

Personal Statement work


Adjective Clause 2 review View Download

Adjective Clause 3 (including adj clause to adj phrase) View Download

Compare MLA Exercise  Download with MLA Model Paper View Download

Personal Statement work; See assignment

 Award Scholarships

Adjective Clause Grammar Review Quiz (More practice and more

Personal statement conversation and thought gathering



Adjective Clause practice worksheet and sentence development

Feedback on Essay 2, Draft 1 is available 

Personal Statement Draft 1 due

Topic Sentence Review View Download

Brainstorm for Essay 3


Adjective Clause Quiz
Essay 2, Draft 2 due (or sooner if you can) 
Upload in class 
Brainstorm for Essay 3
Group Work Essay 3

Noun Clauses

Portfolio development Directions, Use this form to send address

Thesis Statement Development Essay 3 Thesis statement sharing

Essay 3 Groups


Noun Clauses View Download

Essay 3, Draft 1 due 

Stations Exercise

HW: Ex 18, p 250, Ex 21, p 252

Noun Clauses View Download

Essay 3 Thesis statement sharing

Noun Clause Game

HW: Finish your firsts draft of Essay 3!


Personal Statement feedback available 

Noun Clauses 3 (beginning with that) View Download


MLA Work View Download

In-text citation sharing for your essay 3

HW: Ex. 26, p. 254 and Ex. 28, p. 255 FINISH Essay 3

 Essay 3 should be uploaded by today! 

Essay 3 presentation prep


 Essay 3 Presentations: See day and order here

Presentation Scoring Rubric

Group Essay Peer Rubric View Download

Three presentations: See here.

Practice for Final (Final will cover Noun Clauses, Adjective and Adverb Clause reduction and identifying grammar terms of the content we have studied)

Reducing Adverb Clauses to Adv Phrases: View Download

Reducing Adjective Clauses to Adj Phrases: View Download

Final Reflections

Final on Monday, December 16 from 8:10-10:40 am 

See the answers to the Final Practice! View Download