Welcome/Work Plan

 Welcome to the Spring 14 ESL 400/LIB 100 Academic Scholarship and Success Learning Community. Diana Tedone and I are excited to work with you this semester. Let's all work closely together so that we can accomplish our goals in high spirits. 
Instructor Contact info: 
  • Jeanne Gross: gross@smccd.edu or 650-306-3416, Office Hours:  M/W, 11-12 in 3-235, TH 6-7 or by appointment
  • Diana Tedone: tedoned@smccd.edu or 650-306-3476, Office Hours: Tues. 5pm-6pm or by appointment

ESL 400/LIBR 100 Spring 14 Work Plan (Check this site daily for current info. Bring your Hacker text and electronic copies of your work to each class.)


Tuesday (LIBR 100)

Tuesday (ESL 400)

Thursday (ESL 400)



Lecture: Introduction

The Can᷉ada Library Handout



 Lecture: MLA Citations


In-Class Activity: Create an MLA citation

TBA Hours: Read Purdue OWL MLA Overview and fill out worksheet.

Homework: Create an MLA citation from the example book.



Lecture: Books and the Library Catalog

In-Class Exercise: Call Numbers
Do:Library Survey I


TBA Hours: Watch the “Find a Book” video and fill out worksheet.

Homework: Search the Catalog Assignment



Lecture: Encyclopedias and Gale Virtual Reference Library

In-Class Exercise:  Find an article on Sherman Alexie, Frederick Douglas, Amy Tan or Chili and email it to yourself.

TBA Hours: Watch Gale Virtual Reference Library video and fill out worksheet.

Works Cited Assignment 1

Find and cite one outside resource for your ESL 400 essay (not one from your readings)



Lecture: eBooks

In-Class Exercise:  Explore EBSCO Academic eBooks.

TBA Hours: Watch video on eBooks and fill out worksheet.

Homework: Find and cite eBook using EBSCO Academic eBooks.
Scholarship Applications due on February 13, 2014 at 11:59 p.m 



Lecture: Evaluating Resources In-Class

Exercise: Evaluation Criteria

TBA Hours: Watch Google Part 1 and Google Part 2 and fill out worksheet.

Homework: Find and Evaluate a Website (I recommend that you watch the two Google videos first).



Lecture: Citing Websites and Easybib


Website Example

Vocab and Citation Guide

In-Class Exercise: Cite a website

TBA Hours:

Watch "The Filter Bubble" TED Talk video

Answer the TBA worksheet prompt.

Homework: Find and Cite a webiste

Presentation prep



Lecture: Using Wikipedia for Academic Research

In-Class Exercise: Find a Wikipedia article on social justice or gender.

TBA Hours: Watch Wikipedia video and fill out worksheet.

Homework: Read Strengths, Weakness, and Article Quality in Wikipedia.

Do: "Search Wikipedia" Worksheet



Lecture: Opposing Viewpoints

Works Cited Rubric

In-Class Exercise: Search Opposing Viewpoints.

TBA Hours:  Watch video on Opposing Viewpoints and fill out worksheet.

Works Cited Assignment 2: Find, cite, and annotate two college-level resources for your ESL 400 Essay 2.
  • Honors Contract
  • Confirmation of Amy Tan
  • Conclusion of 5 Minds
  • Between the Sexes, A Great Divide discussion and posting
  • HW: Read or re-read the Respect Chapter of 5 Minds

  • 10


    Lecture: Newspapers, Magazines, and Academic Journals

    Reading Citations for ESL 400 Essay 2

    In-Class Exercise: Compare Newspapers, Magazines, and Academic Journals.

    TBA Hours: Watch video on What is a Database? and fill out worksheet.

    Homework: Periodicals identification.



    Lecture: Peer-Reviewed Articles

    Anatomy of a Peer-Reviewed (scholarly) Article

    In-Class Exercise: Peer Review

    TBA Hours: Watch video on Academic Search Premier and fill out worksheet.

    Homework: Find and cite an article from Academic Search Premier.
    I highly recommend you watch the TBA video before doing the homework!!
    • Meet in classroom
    • Amy Tan at 7:30

    Spring Break (3/30-4/5)



    Lecture: Keywords

    Keyword Video

    In-Class Exercise:  Keyword activity

    TBA Hours: Watch the video on Super Search and fill out worksheet.

    Homework:  Super Search
    I highly recommend you watch the TBA video before doing the homework!!



     Lecture: Advanced Searching
    In-Class Exercise: Boolean

    TBA Hours: Listen to Who Runs the Internet? and fill out worksheet.

    Read "Why is Science Behind a Pay Wall?" and respond to prompt.



    Lecture: Subject-Specific Databases
    In-Class Exercise: More Databases


    TBA Hours: Watch Crack Babies: A Tale From the Drug Wars video and fill out worksheet.

    Homework: Annotated Bibliography for ESL 400 Essay 3 Rough Draft.

    Annotated Bibliography Rubric



    Lecture: Primary Sources

    In-Class Exercise: In-text Citations
    In-Text Citation Worksheet
    Quotes for Worksheet

    In-Text Citations PowerPoint Presentation

    TBA Hours: Have your annotated bibliography citations checked and initialed by a Librarian.

    Homework: finish Final Draft of Annotated Bibliography



    Lecture: MLA Review
    Library Survey II

    Turn in Final draft of Annotated Bibliography

    TBA Hours: Fill out MLA Quiz Worksheet
    Homework: Study for MLA Test

    Plagiarism and Citation Presentation
    MLA in-text Citation Presentation
    MLA Quick Guide Handout



    MLA Quiz


    TBA Hours: Reflect on LIBR 100 (20 points extra credit)
    Homework: Prepare for Portfolio Presentation

    English Institute Recognition Event in Theater

    Bring your family! 

    Upload your E3 D2 by Midnight



    Online Portfolio Presentation (Thursday ESL 400 Class)

    In-Class Final Essay

    Note that Professor Tedone has developed a Works Cited list for Essay 4. (See her previous work for other essays.) 

    Link to photos from ESL Recognition event: 

    Last day to upload late work

    Final Presentation on Thursday 5/22 in LIBRARY! 

    Note: Get a head start on ENG 100--Check the bookstore for text