Work Plan Evening

WELCOME to the Fall 15, Evening ESL 400/LIB 100 Academic Scholarship and Success Learning Community. Professor Diana Tedone and I are excited to work with you this semester. Let's all work closely together so that we can accomplish our goals in high spirits.  

Contact me: or 650-306-3416, Office Hours: M/W, 11-12 in 3-235, TH 6-7 or by appointment. Contact Diana Tedone: or 650-306-3476.Sp 15

ESL 400/LIBR 100 Fall 15 Work Plan EVENING  Group Work Assignments 

Check daily for current info. Please bring essay packet, Hacker text and electronic copies of your work to each class. 


Tuesday (LIBR 100)

Tuesday (ESL 400)

Thursday (ESL 400)




Homework: Watch Create an MLA Citation for a Print Book Video and Plagiarism Video. Fill out Plagiarism and MLA Book Citation Worksheet


HW: 1) Obtain/order textbooks;  

2) read Joy and identify three-five vocabulary words you would like to discuss. Know the word’s meaning & part of speech. Why did the author chose this particular word? 3) Spend 45 minutes to an hour writing about your name to turn in. Writing Sample You can use the computer or write by hand for this assignment. 

HW: 1) Brainstorm a significant learning experience electronically to upload (errors and all!);  2) Next week I will ask you to sign up to do a Reading Facilitation of the readings for our essays for the class. Therefore, review the assigned essays that we'll read throughout the semester to see which one you'd like to lead. Possibilities: View here: 



Plagiarism and MLA Book Citations

Watch the Finding Books at the Library video and answer assignment questions.

  • BTO visit Martin and Andre at 7:45
Paragraph Structure and Integrating Sources

STOP: What does a paragraph and/or an essay look like?? Visual Dog Paragraph to Essay
 hamburger paragraph and keyhole What do observe? Color CodeIntegrating Sources: 

HW:1)  Review the ThS you crafted for possible revision. 2) Make a quote sandwich: select and type the quote you will use from Alexie; write a sentence to place the quote in context, paste the quote and then write a sentence commenting on the quote

  • Review Diagnostic Essay 
  • Essay 1 assignment given
  • KWL+
  • Diagnostic Essay in-class  

    HW: Utilize KWL to read Douglass' Learning to Read and Write; identify meaningful quotes/themes and consider connections between your reading history and his experiences. Bring your Hacker book to class next Tuesday.



Finding Books 

Homework: Watch Gale Virtual Reference Library Video and answer assignment questions.


HW: 1) Re-read the Douglass essay; 2) Connection: Select a golden line from Alexie or Douglass, write a paragraph or more about your connection to the line and upload to 

  HW: For the long weekend homework, 1) Read Always Living in Spanish   View Download; identify quotes/themes 2) Also read Selection from I am Malala: Identify quotes/themes. (Note: Recording of I am Malala). What do these readings have in common? How do you connect with them? 3) What important border have you crossed and how did it impact you?



Gale Virtual Reference Library

Homework: Watch Searching Google Part I and Part II videos and answer assignment questions.

Complete Crossing Borders Annotated Bibliography
HW: Identify a golden line from Living in Spanish or  I am Malala and write a paragraph+ about your connection to it, upload to  (Commit to your topic. Note: If you are struggling with your topic/message, try one of these Brainstorming techniques) Before next Tuesday, fill out and  submit out this topic proposal form--Evening
Thesis Statement review text 27-31; do ex 2-1

Thesis Statement/Topic Sentence Connection
Writing Process: 

HW:   Identify a golden line from Living in Spanish or  I am Malala and write a paragraph+ about your connection to it, upload to turnitin.comBefore next Tuesday, fill out and submit this topic proposal form--Evening



Crossing Borders Annotated Bibliography Due

oogle and Evaluating Information

Homework: Watch Wikipedia video and answer assignment questions.

HW: Continue your brainstorming and finalize your working ThS for E1, type a quote from one of our essays that you intend to use in your essay.

HW Prepare Essay 1, Draft 1, re-read it; bring to class in electronica format (google drive, flash drive or emailed to yourself).



Wikipedia and Citing Websites with Easybib

Homework: Watch MLA Citing Sources in MLA Style: A Basic Introduction and How to Cite Multiple Authors in MLA Style.  Answer assignment questions

Essay Review and Uploading:
Grammar Work: 
 HW: Complete this sentence structure practice  Download Do Exercise Central exercise 420 email to me. (A Great Divide Group, get ready for next week!) 

Grammar Intensive
HW: Study for your sentence structure quiz. Review the sentence types/run ons and fragments worksheets and use Exercise Central. 



In-Text Citations

Watch Opposing Viewpoints video and answer assignment questions.
DACA clinic info

Sentence Structure Review and Quiz: 
Groups 1-3 and Groups 4-6

Improving your Essay 1
HW: Read Between the Sexes: A Great Divide and identify quotes and themes. (Men We Carry Group get ready for T, 10/6) 


    Improving your Essay 1
    HW: Polish your Essay 1 and bring electronically to class for final upload. Complete The Men We Carry in Our Minds: Identify quotes and themes. What are the challenges that men face?  




    Opposing Viewpoints

    Homework: Watch eBooks video and answer assignment questions.

    Complete Gender Annotated Bibliography

    HWMake up quiz: Do fragment exercise 298 in Exercise Central;review The Men We Carry. Read EITHER A Clack or No Name Woman. Identify quotes/themes. 

    HW: Share your Research Day!  preparation; Bring 5 Minds to class



    Refining your Topic

    HW: Thesis statement for Essay 2, D1 for sharing; BRING 5 MINDS TEXT! 

     HW: Complete Essay 2, D1 for upload in class. (Bring electronic version.) 



    Gender Annotated Bibliography Due


    Homework: Watch “What is a Database?” video and answer assignment questions

    HW: Read Brainology for reading facilitation and preparation for  in-class essay on 10/27

    Preparing for Midterm Reflection Essay in class
    HW: Polish and type your ThS, one or more quotes from Brainology. You may also type your Work Cited list, and prepare a rough outline for your in-class Midterm Reflective Essay



    Newspapers, Magazines, and Academic Journals

    Homework: Watch “Peer Review in 5 Minutes” and answer assignment questions.

    • Creating a google site; Compose your Welcome page (Make sure it is a paragraph or more.)  
    • Midterm check in
    • STEM workshop
    HW: Make final preparations for in-class essay: Polish and type your ThS, one or more quotes from Brainology. You may also type your Work Cited list, and prepare a rough outline for your in-class Midterm Reflective Essay

    HW: READ 5 Minds and prepare for presentations! 



    Peer-Reviewed Articles

    Homework: Watch “Academic Search Premier” video and answer assignment questions.

    HW: Practice for your 5 Minds Presentation, begin reading Letter from a Birmingham Jail

    HW:1)  After reading my comments, create a reverse outline. Then make an outline with the structure you WANT your essays to have. Finalize Essay 2, Draft 2. (Remember to bring a paper copy of your original draft 1 as well as the electronic version of your second draft. 



    Academic Search Complete

    Homework:  Watch the SuperSearch video and answer assignment questions.


    HW:  Read/Review Letter from a Birmingham Jail


      HW:: FINISH YOUR SECOND DRAFT OF ESSAY 2 AND UPLOAD IT!!! Finish reading Letter from a Birmingham Jail for Seminar on Tuesday. 



      Super Search

      Complete Ethics Annotated Bibliography


      HW: 1) Read Shooting an Elephant identify two quotes to share with the class 2) Bring your research to class on Thursday. Be prepared to share with a partner and upload link on 

      HWWrite your ThS for posting in class on Tues--NO exceptions! 



      More Databases!

      Homework: MLA Review

      HW: Complete Essay 3 to the VERY BEST of your ability. Process: Review your informal outline for Essay 3, then review and draft Essay 3, due on Monday in electronic form. 




      Ethics Annotated Bibliography Due

      MLA Review

      Homework: LIBR Reflection

      Essay 3 and Editing Strategies
      Essay 4 and Final Stretch
      HW: Read My Life’s Sentences by Lahiri and; consider what you will write for your Essay 3 Reflections

      HW:  Read  For Authors, Fragile Ideas Need Loving Everyday by Mosley and Directions: Write, Read, Rewrite by Susan Sontag; identify inspiring quotes from Lahiri, Mosley and Sontag to use in Essay 4. Work on your ePortfolio. 



      MLA Test

      Homework: Work on your ePortfolio
        HW: Polish your ThS and develop a rough outline to turn in during class. 

        HW: Prepare for the in-class final; you can bring: 



          • Essay 4, in-class - upload your work to ePortfolio before 12/17
          • NOTE: LIBR 100 is cancelled. Therefore, you can begin your Essay 4 in the Library at 6:00 or as soon as you can arrive! 
          • Permission to use your work! 
          Get a head start on ENG 100--Check the bookstore for text