Welcome/Work Plan

Welcome to this site for ENG 836. It is my goal to establish the most positive, challenging, joyful, enriching classroom environment possible. To support our work, I will be posting resources and assignments. More importantly, so will you! This site will also be hosting your work and ideas. As we proceed in class, please share your suggestions, questions or concerns with me after class, during office hours, or contact me by telephone or email. I want to hear from you. 

Contact info: gross@smccd.edu or 650-306-3416, office, 3-235. Office hours: M/W 11-12, TH 6-7, or by appointment.  

Work Plan (Please check this site daily for updates) 

 Notes: 1) Please bring both texts to class. Also, please have electronic copy of assigned work for each session. 2) Here are instructions for 849 Lab: yourcompclass.com, : View Download 






  • Course information and introductory activities
  • Writing sample: What's in a Name?  
  • Unscrambling Joy of Reading: Superman and Me View Download
  • HW: Buy text and access code; Reread Superman and Me: Identify quotes and themes








  • Library Orientation (Meet in Library) After orientation, meet in 9-206
  • Group Essay 
  • Brainology quotes and paraphrases View Download:  



  • Review feedback on LC paragraphs through turnitin.com 
  • Essay 1Sicko website and video 
  • 849 Registration 
  • HW: Begin Plagiarism unit in 849 








  • Faculty Flex Day--No Class! 





  • Quotation punctuation
  • Practice HELA Quiz Part 2
  • Read HELA Part III (all due by next Mon.) 
  • MLA, Creating a Works Cited list
  • HELA Quiz Part 2
  • HW: Finish Part III (last!) of HELA in preparation for next quiz and essay



Spring Break (3/30-4/5)









  •   Walter Mosley essay 
  • Essay 3 discussion and brainstorming, led by Kimberly! 
  • Essay 2 feedback available 
  • More google sites





Kimberly presentation

Last day of class

Final Thoughts

Kimberly sentence completion

Structuring  Final Essay  Download

Author search

Check in re Portfolio (Do you know how to upload??) 

REMINDER: Monday, May 19 from 11:10-1:40 p.m. Note: See Name that Quote Resource




1-- 8/20-8/22

First day information and activities

Writing sample 

HW: Buy text and access code and interview a family member and take notes: What kind of health insurance do they have? What challenges, if any, have they faced? Are they satisfied with it? 

HW check in

Health Quiz

KWL re Sicko

Sicko   Online link to video


HW: Choose one of the resources listed on the Sicko site to review in order to share the info with others. Choose two ideas/info items to share.

2-- 8/27-8/29

Sicko discussion

HW: Brainstorm for Sicko Essay 1

Paragraph/essay structure (Paragraph to essay Download and Topic sentence/thesis     statements View Download)

Sharing brainstorming

Learning Center Orientation 11:00, afterwards, go to 9-206;

HW: Work on Essay 1, Sicko, see Sicko techniquesView DownloadBUY Access Code before next Tuesday!

3 --9/3-9/5

Registration in ENG 849 View Download
register for turnitin.com; manage campus email View Download

Essay 1, Sicko Draft 1 due

Peer review/editing for content/organization Download 

Thesis Statement Wall

HW: Read: 1) From Hacker, read 5, "Writing about texts" through sample paper p. 70-83 and 2) Habits of Mind handout Download--Which habits have you cultivated?

Essay 1,, D1 and worksheet DownloadDUE!

Group Essay work:Habits of Mind handout Download

ENG 849 check in

HW: Read Brainology Download

Identify at least two sentences (quotes from the text) that you think are worth sharing and discussing! (Even using in our essay?)


ENG 849 

Group Essay editing/proofing: Essay 1 &  Essay 2

Group Essay Draft 2 due

Bring The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks to class on Thursday! 

HW: Read Integrating Sources, p. 469-479Be sure to finish and upload Essay 1, Sicko to turnitin.com. (If you need help uploading, bring electronic copy to class.)  Bring HELA.

Essay 1, Sicko check in

Brainology discussion -- questions/quotes--Academic Speed Dating

Another look at Essay 1 &  Essay 2

Poem HELA; poetry wall

HELA Preview

HW: Read HELA, chapters 1-6--look for meaningful quotes and formulate 2-3 discussion questions


MLA work Integrating Sources, p. 469-479: MLA in-text citation worksheet View Download

Bring your Brainology Speed Dating Work to class

HW: Create in-text citations for one quote and one parahrase from Brainology Academic Speed Dating to turn in on Thursday. View Download

Turnitin.com feedback for Essay 1, D1 

HELA chapters 1-6 due: Discuss quotes and questions

ENG 849 check in

HW: Read HELA chapters 7-11, work on final draft of Sicko. Bring electronic copy to class on Tuesday. 


 HELA chapters 7-11 due (Analyze Medical Chart) 

Essay 1, Sicko Draft 2 due

Essay Checklist for your essay

Draft Reflections for Essay 1

Create HELA Quiz Questions

HW: Finish Reflection, make sure you've read HELA Prologue-11

Opening HELA discussion

Quiz HELA Part One--for PDF of HELA View Download

After quiz, work on yourcompclass.com

HW: Last day to turn in Essay 1, D2: Friday, 11/59. Read HELA chapters 12-16. Identify one quote per chapter for class review and discussion. 


HELA quiz feedback 

HELA chapters 12-16 due; group work 1-3 and 4-6

Creating google site for e-portfolio;

Post Essay 1, D2 and Reflection on website 

Be sure to bring Hacker text to class

Dependent/Independent Clauses mini-presentation View Download

Grammar Teams

Portfolio work: Welcome message, posting E1 and Reflection

HW: Read HELA chapters 17-22 (Quiz next week) Also, for 849, work on run-ons, etc.  Reminder: Upload make up HELA short essays through Friday p.m.


HELA chapters 17-22 due

HELA Summaries; See Writing Summaries

Sentence structure review

HW: Read your assigned "Review HELA chapter" ; Read excerpts from "I Love Yous are for White People"; View Download identify quotes/questions

Media Preference Survey (Opportunity to win $150 Amazon certificate) Password: College) 

Summaries Peer Feedback

One Word Summary/Paragraph assigned chapter of I Love Yous 

HW: Read HELA chapters 23-27; prepare for HELA Part II Quiz


HELA chapters 23-27 due

HELA Quiz 

HW: Complete and/or review  I Love Yous in preparation for classwork on Thursday 

Earthquake drill at 10:17

I Love Yous Discussion--Find a sentence/Question formation 

Where do we go from here

HW: Read chapters 28-34; identify quotes, form questions and identify themes


HELA chapters 28-34 due

Review Lac Su questions

Prepare for Henrietta Lacks Day

Essay 2

Lac Su (I Love Yous are for White People) in Theater 9:30-11:00

Return to class for Henrietta Lacks Day!


HELA chapters 35-38 due, Gallery Walk

Quote Gathering

Fresh Air Interview with Skloot and questions

Essay 2, draft 1 due

PIE paragraphs and revising

Peer Review; also see Sample Paragraphs from Hero Essay

HW: Catch up on ENG 849! 


Compare MLA Exercise  Download with MLA Model Paper View Download and thesis statement review

Essay 2 Workshop, including thesis statementt and Introductions (funnel introduction) Conclusions  

Alex Russell's HELA link (See 35 minutes in) 

Essay 3 Assignment given 

Individual exploration website; Essay 3, Day 1 Check in Sheet

EasyBib account and practice

ENG 849 check in


CRAP test 

Essay 3 work

MLA Quiz View Download

Feedback on Essay 2, Draft 1 available -- Revision Plans?

Punctuation Derby

Semicolon practice

Research check in 


Essay 2, Draft 2 due -- discuss

Feedback on MLA Quiz and HELA Quiz 2 

Research log 3 due

What is your Thesis Statement? Thesis Guide and Thesis sharing 

Essay 3 Thesis Statement and Informal Outline due

Openings and Closings

Portfolio updating 

Stations Exercise


Essay 3 Paragraph Revising Workshop 

Punctuation Derby

Presentation Planning 

ENG 849 check in



 Essay 3 due (one draft only); bring electronic version to class for review

Group Review for Content/Organization

Group Proofing/Editing

Peer Evaluation

Essay 3 Presentation planning

Outlining Essay 3 and 4 Download

Portfolio updating 

Essay 4 Readings given: My Life's Sentences and Directions: Write, Read, Rewrite, Repeat Steps 2 and 3


Essay 3 Presentations 

Essay 4 Reading discussion: See questions and response

My Life's Sentences and Directions: Write, Read, Rewrite, Repeat Steps 2 and 3; See Sontag Responses

Essay 3 Presentations

My Life's Sentences Questions and Responses and Read Sontag Responses

Exam preparation: Quote Analysis and , Discussion

Portfolio Presentation

Final Exam on Tuesday, December 17 from 11:10- 1:40 pm