Jarvis Community Christian School celebrates 60th anniversary!

Upcoming Events

Minion Day - September 23, 2015

Wacky Hair Day - September 24, 2015

Career Day - September 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Food Drive - September 28-October 8

Greeting and welcome to Jarvis Community Christian School

J.C.C.S. offers a Christ-centred programme of learning to approximately 100 children from grades Junior Kindergarten to Eight. Most of our graduates move on to the Hamilton District Christian High School in Ancaster. At present, we have a staff of 8 teachers (including 60% Resource), an 80% COO/Principal and many volunteers.

Although the courses of study for the most part conform to guidelines set by the Ministry of Education of Ontario, the emphasis in instruction and guidelines is on the norms of Protestant Christianity. The school is committed to the view which confesses that in all we do, we are called to serve God.

Jarvis Community Christian School is an independent, parent-operated school. The parents believe that they are responsible for their children's education. Thus, they have established this centre for learning where Christian principles will permeate all instruction. The student is taught to know God, love Him, obey Him, and witness of Him in a life of service to God and Man.

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