A new high school College Board Advanced Placement (AP) course in Computer Science is presently under development. The course, called Computer Science Principles, is a deep, content rich class covering the fundamentals of computing while providing students with an appreciation of the role Computer Science plays in society. 

MT513 is a graduate course offered at John Carroll University that is designed to prepare high school teachers to teach a CS Principles course.  MT513 explores the seven Big Ideas of the CS Principles course.

1. Computing is a creative human activity that engenders innovation and promotes exploration

2. Abstraction reduces information and detail to focus on concepts relevant to understanding and solving problems

3. Data and information facilitate the creation of knowledge

4. Algorithms are tools for developing and expressing solutions to computational problems.

5. Programming is a creative process that produces computational artifacts

6. Digital devices, systems, and the networks that interconnect them enable and foster computational approaches to solving problems

7. Computing enables innovation in other fields including science, social science, humanities, arts, medicine, engineering business