PH113/PH113L - Introductory Astronomy Lecture and Lab, Summer 2015

This is a five-week online course that starts on Monday, May 11th 2015, during the 1st summer session at John Carroll University. 

Course Materials:
  • The Essential Cosmic Perspective (7th edition) will be available at the JCU BookstoreThere are three options to purchase the textbook. All are bundled with MasteringAstronomy.
    • Bound textbook Edition: ISBN 0321927842
    • Loose-leaf 3-hole punch Edition: ISBN 0321928741
    • eText Editon: ISBN 0321928725

  • MasteringAstronomy online access for homework. This can be bundled with the purchase of your textbook or it can be purchased separately if you buy a used copy of the textbook.

  • Respondus LockDown Browser will be used to administer tests. Please download the browser.
The Essential Cosmic Perspective 7e