I take a phenomenological approach to the history of philosophy and to systematic questions concerning mind, language, epistemology, and metaphysics. 

All these topics are at work in my book, Ostension: Word Learning and the Embodied Mind (forthcoming with The MIT Press in October 2014).
I will begin the following position in Fall 2014:
At John Carroll, I taught classes on contemporary continental philosophy, the philosophy of nature and science, metaphysics, philosophical anthropology, and the philosophy of religion.

Some questions I pursue:

1. About Ostension:
"How does a gesture differ from some other movement?  In that it expresses something?" --Wittgenstein

2. About Our Animal Selves:
"What is the rational animal?  What actions and passions do we have in common with other living beings?" --Aristotle

3. About the Human Difference:
"What is human?  What actions and passions distinguish us from every other kind of being?" --Plato

4. About Transcendence:
"How must we be so that we can be receptive to the manifestation of things?" --Heidegger

5. About Other Minds:
"How do we come to experience other animate beings like ourselves?" --St. Augustine and Merleau-Ponty