Stephanie Christensen, B.S.

7th grade Advanced Math

8th grade Pre-Algebra/Algebra I

9th grade Algebra 1

I pray that you are all enjoying your Spring Break and are looking forward to a busy last few weeks. We have so much ahead of us, and I am excited about spending this time with you. Make these last few weeks count. Your classmates are involved in tennis, softball, baseball, track and field, and soccer. Find a game to attend and cheer them on to victory.

Coming Events

April 1    Varsity softball in Dyersburg

April 2     8th and 9th grade will be taking the Pre-ACT

April 2    Middle school tennis against USJ, Middle school baseball in Trenton, Middle school baseball against USJ, Varsity softball against Hardin County, Middle school soccer at McNairy

April 3    Varsity softball against USJ

April 4    Middle school tennis against TCA, Middle school baseball against Trenton, Varsity tennis at ECS, Varsity softball against Fayette Academy

April 8    Varsity tennis against Fayette, Varsity softball against Tipton Rosemark

April 9    Varsity tennis at FACS, Varsity softball at Hardin County, Middle school baseball against Gibson County, Middle school soccer against Chester County

April 10    Middle school tennis against St. Mary's

April 11    Middle school soccer at USJ, Varsity softball at South Gibson

April 12    My husband comes home!!




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