JCS Seventh Grade
Core Teachers: Tami Myers, Stacy Petty, Betty Shelton, Janet Wright

Seventh Grade Home Page

Jackson Christian's mission is to lead students to love God by providing the opportunity for a quality, values-oriented education in a Christian environment.  Sixth-grade students at JCS will engage in many learning tasks during this school year that have been designed to help students answer some very important eternal questions.  STREAM will guide students as they engage in these learning activities.


Scientific study is the foundation for the way we learn about our world.  

Technology provides students with tools to gather, organize, transform, format and transmit information into usable knowledge and provides products that are measurable evidence of learning.

Religion is the lens through which we view the world. This biblical worldview lays the foundation of truth.

Engineering provides the platform for students to solve authentic problems by applying knowledge, analyzing data, evaluating results, and creating solutions.   

Arts provide students avenues for the expression and communication of ideas. The material presented in these classes allows our students to analyze and evaluate the human experiences throughout time.

Mathematics provides the students with the instruments to solve real-world problems.

Eternal Questions for Each Quarter

Quarter 1: