Sandy Jackson, BBA



January 24-28

N is for Nursery Rhymes

Phonics -building letter N with play dough, sticks and learning sound of letter/recognition of different words with beginning sound of N.

Math -counting, matching mittens, shape formation with different objects. Review of number recognition 1-10

Science -

Dramatic play The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Jack Be Nimble, Hickory Dickory Dock, and acting out other nursery rhymes

Fine Motor -transfer of different objects with tongs, play dough cutting, cutting out shapes, putting mittens on clothesline with clothespins

Bible - "For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: "Love your neighbor as yourself," Galatians 5:14

Who is our NEIGHBOR?

Review New Testament Books (Matthew-Revelation)


Stem - washing spiders down a spout

Show and Tell Sharing our stories about our names and how parents chose it for each child. Send in letter to be read.

Check out what the threes class is all about

JCS Mission Statement

To lead students to love God by providing the opportunity for a quality, values-oriented education in a Christian environment.

JCS Purpose Statement

Leading students in continual learning that grows from a foundation of faith in God and modeling the teachings of Christ in every aspect of life.