Philip Nicholas, B.S., M.Ed., M.S., EMDR Therapy

Elementary Counselor


Philip NIcholas

Elementary Counseling Program at JCS


The students come first here @ JCS.  This can be found in our Mission Statement. We are “Leading students to love God by providing the opportunity for a quality values oriented education in a Christian environment”. Our Tag Line is "Learn to Lead"  In light of our mission and tag line, we will do everything to Lead our Students in God's ways. We are challenged each day to offer encouragement and uplift to our student body in ways that honor God and our students. By the way, the students teach me much about God as well!

Individual components of the guidance curriculum at JCS elementary include, but are not limited to, the following broad categories.

--Individual student need for Christian counseling will be available.  Common reasons that a student will seek the counselor’s assistance are as follows: grief counseling, struggles related to family issues, school-related interventions (student to student, student to teacher, perceived inequities, and behavior issues). 

--Relations between students and all others will seek to be enhanced.

--Student’s  will be encouraged to improve in the areas of safety, self concept, responsibility /obedience, behavior, decision making skills, interpersonal and intrapersonal communication, achievement motivation, and problem solving skills.

--Being involved in the lives of our students is a vital component of counseling. The guidance counselor is involved in elementary classes on a weekly basis for this reason. The counselor is in the lunch room each day as a part of the social interaction and daily lives of our kids. The counselor will be available after school hours for families on an as needed basis.

--Counseling classes here at JCS will have an emphasis on spiritual development including songs, prayer, moral stories including but not limited to the Bible. Students will be introduced to a related song, movie clip, and uplifting story during each lesson. These activities are designed to follow a faith enhancing format that will grow these precious hearts toward each other and God.

Right Now Media is the source of many of our lessons. I have an account through Campbell Street Church of Christ. You may sign up for an account for your family. There are many worthwhile resources found here as well as much wholesome entertainment.

Parent Information and links regarding the problem of pornography. I will teach a related lesson 2nd - 5th Grade each year. This will be approached with prayer. I will e-mail parents the week before, so you may review this material. I will use "Good Pictures Bad Pictures" as a format for this lesson.

(Drop by my office and or call to discuss any questions about this sensitive subject)  

Beginning in 2016 - 2017 each student will be given the opportunity and encouragement to journal their experiences. This journal will be kept confidential and will be a tool to enhance our lives for good.

The following resources will be helpful in guiding your children. With God's help may you use these resources to strengthen your family for Him!

I have recently completed training in EMDR Therapy

The following link tells a little about this mode of therapy. 

Good Pictures Bad Pictures Facebook Page

Porn Proof Your Kids

The You-Tube Video about Good Pictures Bad Pictures 

Women for Decency Website - A great description of Good Pictures Bad Pictures, Kristen Jensen