J.D. Byrd, B.S., M.Ed.
Middle School Physical Education and Bible




Middle School Physical Education:

Standard: 1) Skilled Movement  2) Movement Principles and Concepts  3) Physical Activity

6th - 8th Grade Level Expectation - 1) A physically educated person demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities. 2) A physically educated person demonstrates understanding of movement concepts, strategies, principles, and tactics as they apply to the learning performance of physical activities. 3) A physically educated person participates regularly in physical activities and choose to live an active life.

  • demonstrate locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative skills 
  • participate with skill in a variety of modified sports and game activities 
  • apply skills and strategies in individual, dual and team sports 
  • demonstrate intermediate skills of adventure/outdoor education activities 
  • develop and refine educational gymnastic sequences (e.g., stunts, tumbling, balance) 
  • develop and perform rhythmic activities and movement sequences (e.g., aerobic movement, jump rope, jump bands)

  • identify principles of practice and conditioning that enhance movement performance 
  • participate in goal-setting for improvement in individual and team activities 
  • understand and apply offensive, defensive, and transition strategies in various activities 
  • follow rules and procedures designed for safe participation 
  • demonstrate the correct use of physical education equipment 
  • understand and apply balance and weight transfer concepts 
  • seek and apply information from a variety of sources to guide and improve performance

  • understand the importance of daily physical activity 
  • understand the daily requirements for physical activity 
  • participate regularly in a variety of physical activities in both school and non-school settings 
  • participate in lifelong physical activities (e.g. outdoor, leisure, fitness) 
  • participate in individual, group, and/or family oriented physical activities 
  • identify and utilize available community resources that promote an active lifestyle (e.g. community centers, YMCA, local gyms, parks)