Jan Kinningham, B.S., M.Ed.

Two- and Three-Year-Olds




Jackson Christian School - Early Learning Village

Mrs. Jan's Class

2022-2023 School Year

For the week of: January 24 - 28

Unit: This week we will begin Letter N - Nest, Necklace, Net. The children will engage in activities that help recognize Letter N and the sound that Letter N makes.

Bible: Our stories will be about Lazarus and Baby Moses.

Phonics: Review the Letters A - M. We will practice letter recognition and the sound for each letter. These next few months will be spent on each child recognizing his/her name, learning the letters in his/her name, and the order of the letters to spell his/her name. The children will complete an activity at a center where he/she will look at a picture, decide if it begins with the /N/ sound, and glue it onto Letter N.

Math: We will review the numbers one - 1, two - 2, three - 3, and four - 4. We will practice counting objects to match the numbers. We will also practice on number recognition. I will introduce the number 5. The children will complete a center activity where he/she will count the number of objects and circle the number that matches.

Science: We will talk about "Winter." The students will explore a sensory box filled with lizards, rocks, mosses, and ladybugs. They may use small magnifying glasses in their exploration.

Stem: In small groups of four, children will identify numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. They will count objects to match the number.

Fine Motor: In our "Table Centers", students will use stickers, glue, paper, play-doe, and crayons to enhance fine motor skills and help in learning to recognize the Letter N.

Special Read: Noisy Nora

We will watch: "Why do birds build nests?'

Snack: On Friday we will make a nest using edible foods - canned potato sticks, marshmallow cream, vanilla wafers and jelly beans

Mission Statement

Our mission is to lead students to love God by providing a quality, values-oriented education in a Christian environment.

Purpose Statement

Jackson Christian is leading students

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