Erin Eller


Mrs. Erin's Young Two-Year-Old Class

Important Dates:

Mar. 12th-16th - Spring Break 

Lessons for the Week: 

Unit: Dr. Seuss - We will be reading selections from the many Dr. Seuss books and discussing the messages that Dr. Seuss has in some of his books. This is going to be a fun week full of fish, the Cat in the Hat, and many more fun stories and adventures! Wear a Dr. Seuss themed shirt on Thursday!!

Shapes: Circles, Triangles, and Squares - We will be working on recognizing these shapes and how to draw them. We will also discuss how many sides each shape has.

Bible: We will be learning about the ways that we can love each other and how we can make a difference in the world if we try!


Wear a Dr. Seuss themed shirt on Thursday!!