Darby Palmer, B.S., M.A.T.

Secondary Bible 



Jackson Christian – Physical Education

Rules and Guidelines 

  1. Be on Time to Class
  2. Be in Locker room by the time the bell rings 
  3. Dress in proper P.E. attire 
  4. Bring a note signed by parents to be excused from class. 
  5. Each student is allowed only 4 excused classes for every nine week period. After the fourth excused class, the student will be required to obtain permission from Mr. Gatlin or a Physician. 
  6. Any student not dressed and not excused will walk during their P.E. class. 
  7. Wear the Proper shoes for class:
    Non-Marking Soles. 
    No Boots. (Timberlines, hiking, etc.) 
  8. All handbook rules apply in P.E. class. 


  1. To provide a safe learning environment for all students. 
  2. To assist the students in their knowledge, understanding and skills in various games, activities, and sporting events.
  3. To help each student develop good sportsmanship.
  4. To help each student develop a positive attitude and improve self-esteem.
  5. To help each student understand the need for a healthy lifestyle through fitness, activity, and proper nutrition.


  1. Properly dressed for P.E. 
  2. Participation in class.
  3. Skills Test

Grading Outline 
  • 20 Points daily
  • - 5 No Shoes
  • - 5 No Shirt
  • - 5 No Shorts
  • - 5 No Participation