Christmas Around the World

 Brenda Nicholas, B.S., M.Ed.

First Grade


Mrs. Nicholas' Little Buckaroos 




Tuesday:February 20: Kick-Off Cookie Dough Fundraiser 
Thursday March 1: Dr. Seuss Book Parade
Friday March 2: STREAM Activities
March 12-26: Spring Break
Tuesday May 22:  Field Trip to Pink Palace Museum

Room Mother's and Dad's
Susan Rudd, Lyndsey Sharp, David Cook
Suzanne Chapman, Lyndsey Sharp, Nichole Baker,Laurie Blankenship, Diane Holman, David Cook

Helpers for parties:
Sha Seward, Stephanie Graham, Leeann Grantham, David Cook

Chapel Schedule:

Feb. 28: Ashlyn, Caroline, Elise, Emma, Bay,, Cash, Cole, Elijah, Harbor, Jake  

April 2nd: Essie, Kinsley, Phoebe, Jaxson, Matt, Sawyer, Talon, Waylon

April 26th: Entire Class

March Birthdays:


Image result for birthday                                                   

         Student of the week:
      Aug. 25: Phoebe, Sawyer
      Sept. 8: Caroline, Elijah 
      Oct. 6:  Essie, Cole 
      Oct. 27: Emma, Harbor
      Nov. 9:  Elise, Bay
      Dec. 1: Kinsley, Waylon
      Jan. 26: Ashlyn, Matt
      Feb. 2: Jaxson, Cash

"Leading students in continual learning that grows from a foundation 
of faith in God  
and modeling the teachings of Christ in every aspect of life."