Betty Shelton, B.S., M.S.E., M.I.S.

Middle School Social Studies, Secondary Library


Betty Shelton

Explore our online libraries! 

Destiny Quest: See the top ten most read books, new arrivals, and more!

Follett Self: Ebooks! Ebooks! Read all you can!

Access these amazing feature through the "Library System" link 

OR by uploading the "Destiny Quest" app. 

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Unsure which link to click on? 

"Library System": Destiny Quest and Follett Self. 

The "Tennessee Electronic Library": A wonderful website to access all TEL databases. 

The "World Book" is an online encyclopedia. This is a great place to start any research. 

The "MLA" link goes to Purdue Owl's Online Writing Lab. Purdue Owl breaks down MLA formatting in an way that is easy to understand.