A career policy was developed and approved by the Jackson City Board of Education.  It is a top priority of the district to provide career development for our students in the Jackson City School District.  The district has developed a career policy to support and encourage the facilitation of career activities which will assist students in making informed career choices and transitions.  The services provided will impact all students in grades 6-12 in the Jackson City School system and will be incorporated as lessons, activities, and field trips.
Subsequently, students will leave Jackson High School with decision making strategies and a career plan that will enable them to progress toward independence.

Jackson City School's Career Plan was developed by the following Career Advising Team:

Jennifer West- JMS Team Leader
Mark Broermann- JMS Principal
Tara Richards- JMS Guidance
Laurel Marion- JMS Media Specialist
Angie Evans- JMS Intervention Specialist
Tamara Miller- JMS Science
Katie Kilgour- JHS English
Jenny Lang- JHS Science
Cindy Green- JHS English
Caleb Salomon- JHS Math
Katie Evans- JHS Intervention Specialist

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