This site contains instructions for the research projects in Dr. Gerald's ENG 1123 classes.  Each student is required to create a research portfolio site, modeled after this one, in Google Sites.  JCJC students have access to Google Sites as part of their school email.  If you are a JCJC student, all you need to do to create a site is to log into your email and click on "Sites" in the top menu.  Google will walk you through the rest.  It really is that easy.  If you are an MSVCC student registered through another school, and you do not have a Gmail account, you will need to sign up for one.  They are free and easy to set up.  Just go to www.gmail.com to get started.  

We live in a digital age.  Students taking online classes are certainly aware of that.  It's becoming more and more important that everyone knows how to write well, not just on paper but on the web too.  That's why many of the assignments for this class will be done in both traditional academic formats and in web-based formats.  Web documents include visuals, hyperlinks, and multimedia inserts that just don't happen in quite the same way on paper but are just as important to effective communication in our age as understanding how to compose well-crafted sentences.  
Don't panic when you see this assignment.  It will take you the whole semester to complete your research portfolio.  You'll start setting it up in the first week of class, and you will add parts to it every week--as you tweak and twitch and polish it--right up until the end of class.  By the time yours is finished, you will enjoy working on it, and you will be proud of it.  You'll have something of substance to show for your communications skills when you leave this class.

And if you are in any doubt about why you should create a web-portfolio for an English Composition class, watch this video:

Shift Happens 2009