John Carroll Catholic Middle School Athletics

Congratulations to the 2018 JCCMS volleyball teams!

*Maria Groover, Helen Macher, and Stella Yester will be placed on a high school team next week

8th Grade:

Isabella Corsini

Shawnise Gregory

Katie Guttierez

Sydney Humes

Brooke Johnson

Lilli Juarez

Hope Lacy

Lucy Lalisan

Caroline Rohn

Abi Schumann

Rezi Ubogu

Ella Weise

7th Grade:

Ele Allarde

McKenzie Baker

Meredith Davis

Abby Douglas

Kaitlyn Ferrino

Kaitlin Gilchrist

Grace Kingrey

Poppy Moellering

Sophia Samaniego

Mary Lou Sransky

Contact Information:
Ginny McMillan
Phone: (205) 940-2400
Mailing Address: 300 Lakeshore Pkwy
Birmingham, 35209

JCCMS Accomplishments

Southern Conference Champions
Volleyball: 2011, 2012, 2013
8th Grade Volleyball: 2017
Girls Cross Country: 2012, 2013, 2014
Boys Cross Country: 2011
Girls Basketball: 2011, 2012, 2013
8th Grade Girls Basketball: 2017
8th Grade Boys Basketball: 2012
Golf: 2012

Southern Conference Runners-up
Volleyball: 2010
8th Grade Volleyball: 2015, 2016
Girls Cross Country: 2011
Boys Cross Country: 2012, 2013
Girls Basketball: 2015
7th Grade Girls Basketball: 2018
8th Grade Boys Basketball: 2011
Girls Track & Field: 2012

JCCMS Dance Team Accomplishments
UDA National Champions: 2014, 2017, Hip Hop
UDA National Finalists: 2015, Hip Hop & Jazz
UDA State Champions: 2013, Jazz; 2014, 2015, Hip Hop & Jazz
UDA State Runners-up: 2013, Hip Hop

JCCMS is a part of the Southern Conference.