Learning must be an active partnership. Through interactions with teachers, parents, peers and   support personnel, students learn that they are able to be successful in the face of adversity. In order to become independent, students must learn to

· Understand their strengths and challenges

· Learn how to use their strengths and access their resources in order to overcome their challenges

· Collaborate effectively with peers and adults

· Set personal goals

· Advocate for themselves 


Any John Carroll student who has been diagnosed with a learning disability, medical disability, physical disability, or psychological disability is eligible to receive JCCHS approved accommodations, provided the following criteria are met:

· Testing documentation is current (within the last three years) and the school has a copy of the full evaluation.

· Diagnostic documentation must consist of testing and a written evaluation by a licensed psychologist or educational specialist.  It must state the specific disability as diagnosed and provide complete educational, developmental and/or medical  history.

· A note from a doctor stating there is a learning difference is not sufficient documentation of a   learning disability.

Personalized Education Plan

All students who receive accommodations will have a personalized education plan (PEP) created for them. This plan will be distributed to the student’s classroom teachers and guidance counselor. Each summer, a meeting will be held with the student, parent, and Mrs. McMillan to review the student’s learning strengths and weaknesses and determine if any accommodations need to change. No change will be made to the PEP without the approval of the student and parent.

Program Accommodations

Accommodations provided will be individualized to the needs of each student in the program. 

Accommodations available include but are not limited to

· additional time to complete tests

· using a computer for tests or to take notes

· test questions read aloud

· note-taking assistance

· preferential seating in each class


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