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Documenting Your Independent Community Service Hours

The purpose of the Montgomery Plan is to encourage and recognize the volunteer work done by John Burroughs students.
The focus of the Plan is to serve those in need or the community as a whole through partnering with local not-for-profits.
Group service work done through a Burroughs club, class, or team should be documented by the club, class, or team sponsor.
Use the guidelines and form below to document any independent volunteer service hours.
Community service is not required at John Burroughs School.


1. Independent service hours are earned by volunteering for a nonprofit charitable organization in the community outside the school (the service takes place off campus and must be unpaid).

2. The work must be other than that required of JBS students (e.g. May Project hours and 8th Grade Community Service Week hours need not be documented).

3. Have the agency/organization fill out the Independent Service Work Form (see link below) after the volunteer work is completed. The completed form should be returned to the Montgomery Plan faculty sponsor, Rachael Barnes. Mrs. Barnes will record the information in the Montgomery Plan database and share information about the work with the College Counseling Department.

4. In addition to the many charitable agencies in our area, records should be kept for volunteer work with cultural organizations that are accessible to and benefit the broader St. Louis community (e.g. Art Museum, Zoo, Missouri Botanical Garden, environmental and political action groups, etc.). 

5. Work for private individuals -- not through charitable or not-for-profit organizations -- such as tutoring a neighbor, helping a veterinarian, or working for a political candidate are not included in our community service records.

6. Please submit a separate form for each agency or organization served. You may wish to submit forms by season (summer, fall semester, spring semester) to keep records up to date.
Rachael Barnes,
Jun 12, 2017, 10:35 AM