Welcome to the I.T. & E. Department

   Modern society is permeated by technology. Industrial Technology classes facilitate the development of an understanding of technology and how it affects the world. Students are prepared, through both traditional and progressive methods, to adapt to a world increasingly filled with technological change. The syllabus includes applied, hands-on activities to develop knowledge of technology and its applications. 

    Students develop basic skills in the safe use of tools, machines and processes used by industry and technology. Students acquire skills for solving technological problems and positive attitudes toward teamwork. Creativity is fostered by using technology for desired purposes, encouraging students to create, from materials and technological processes and hardware, new and different forms which have a greater or alternative value. Laboratory activities facilitate the discovery of individual talents, aptitudes, interests and potentials related to industry and technology and engineering. 

  Co-operative attitudes are encouraged; constructive work habits, and other traits that help students to work with others are developed. We highly value craftsmanship and engender pride in work well done.