Summer Institute 2014

 At the Center of it All: 

     Scaffolding Advanced Information Literacies  for K-12 Students in School Libraries

Michelle Schira Hagerman  

June 26-27, 2014
John Burroughs School
Howard A. Stamper Library
755 S. Price Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63124

To prospective attendees and interested others:

The 2014 Summer Institute committee members are excited that you are considering attending this year's Summer Institute! Information about registration costs are included under the registration link above.

Please allow us this opportunity to explain how the decisions were made regarding dates and topics for the workshop. 

First of all, the dates. We responded to the choices made in the survey sent out last spring and again in September: both the 3rd and 4th weeks in June were popular choices, but we felt it was important to push the dates back later in June to reach those whose schools have a later dismissal. Some of you commented that the summer institute in 2013 was too early and overlapped with end-of-year duties. Furthermore, some schools had not even let out yet! That is why we opted to set the dates for SI14 for that last week in June. The dates of the institute are Thursday and Friday, June 26-27. We sincerely hope we've picked a convenient set of dates for the SI14 for most of AISL members.

Next decision: the topic. 
Again, we chose this topic in response to the survey. 47.5% of respondents ranked "Trans-literacy, Digital Literacy, Information Literacy, Research Literacy: It's All or Nothing!" first. 69% ranked it as either their 1st or 2nd choice. The next closest 1st choice was "BE the Daring Librarian!; Professional Writing and Speaking Skills" at 13%; 28% total ranked it as either their 1st and 2nd choice. Clearly, members of AISL are interested in "the literacies" and hope to learn more about how to teach and integrate them into their library programs.

Finding a workshop leader that not only understands the vast field of information literacies, but who understands school librarians, (and in particular, independent school librarians), is a good teacher/trainer, and who has something new to say about this topic was very important. We pursued several avenues and decided to ask Michelle Shira Hagerman, who not only came highly recommended, but had a novel approach along with a  deep understanding of this topic as well as being in tune to concerns of those working with elementary and secondary aged students. We have provided links to more information about Ms. Hagerman on this site's home page.

We hope that the AISL 2nd Summer Institute will give AISL members (and others) the opportunity to learn, create, test, and discuss various aspects of the very big topic of information literacy. Last year's workshop succeeded, according to participants, because there was time to focus on one general topic, drill down into more nuanced aspects of that topic, spend time trying out new techniques and approaches, and perhaps most importantly, discuss and debate the issues, ideas, and approaches with like-minded colleagues. 

Finally, please note that we have added an optional library tour on Saturday morning, June 28th. Don't leave early on Friday and miss out on the workshop, but take this opportunity to stay over one more night for a tour of some extraordinary libraries/archives! Select "Tours" on the tabs above for additional information.

We look forward to seeing you in 2014 for a Summer Institute designed for you! 

--SI14 Executive Committee
            Shannon Acedo
            Jen Cotton
            Sue Hodge
            Linda Mercer
            Milly Rawlings
            Martha Reilly
            Phoebe Warmack