2012 Youth Concert- Resources for Teachers

The following links will take you to a variety of classroom teacher resources which can be used to support the classroom component of the Youth Concert filed trip experience. The Youth Concert experience is intended to directly relate to Illinois Learning Standards Goal 27- Understanding the role of the arts in civilizations past and present (see PDF pages 10-11 and 39-41 of document attached at the bottom of this web page).

Funding requests to pay for these classroom resources are encouraged and will be awarded whenever JSS  resources permit.

The Philharmonic Gets Dressed

This delightful classic is the perfect introduction to musical instruments and importantly the personalities of the people that play those instruments.  Youth aged 5 to 8 will easily identify with the characters in the book and their day to day struggle to go to work. Youth can be asked to select one character (and their instrument) as their favorite. They can then be instructed to watch for their favorite instrument and performer during the filed trip to the Youth Concert. 

Those Amazing Musical Instruments

The book is set up in sections: Introduction/Orchestra/Seating/Sound Waves; Strings; Woodwinds; Brass; Percussion; Keyboards; Voice; Electronic Instruments; Conductor; and even a Dictionary! An overview is given for each of the sections and each instrument has sound files on the CD-ROM. The photographs of each instrument are colorful, with the parts labeled. The descriptions include famous people who learned to play that instrument, how it is played, different genres where it is used; ranges of the instrument and it's relationship to the range of the entire orchestra.