Constructed Concepts
Rush Arts Gallery, New York                                                                                                


Constructed Concepts

Opening Reception: August 16, 6 - 8 pm

Rush Arts Gallery

526 W 26th St Suite 311

New York, NY 10001

Grace Kim

Jessica Liggero

Jason Paradis

Rosemarie Padovano

Jenny Salomon

curated by Charlotte Mouquin

Constructed Concepts brings together five artist from the Rush Arts Gallery submissions in a special summer exhibition.  Grace Kim, Jessica Liggero, Jason Paradis, Rosemarie Padovano, and Jenny Salomon question human truths by exploring the cosmos, mortality, nature and the human condition through drawing, painting, video, and installation.  

Grace Kim’s video “Everness” depicts a timeless nature environment with minimal transcendental sounds with passing birds and subdued fireworks.  The tranquility of the scene combined with the fluttering birds, and mild explosions reminds the viewer of passing experiences that contain the potential to have achain reaction of events.  The untitled photograph from the “Constellation Series”  Shows the negative reflection of a tree on water.  The fluctuation of nature is captured in a split second questioning where we stand a humans and our connection to the universe.  Grace Kim has studied in New York and Switzerland and has been awarded in The Netherlands, Germany, and New York.

Jessica Liggero who has studied in San Francisco and Boston explores the inner ugliness of human forms.  Expressive portraits border on the obscene and are pulled together through a search for human truth.  Examples of her recent works on paper series “Inner Ugliness”  reflect inward raw emotion.  

Jason Paradis’ recent piece  How to Find the North Star reflects on the ghost story of “Dead Man’s Bay” in Lake Ontario.  A ship had lost its way and crashed upon the rocks which started the legend.  Influenced by star mapping used to navigate at sea, How to Find the North Star  is a conceptual recreation of the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, the North Star, and the connections to a  small island.  The installations questions the vastness of the universe and the smallness of mankind as we all could be lost at sea. 

Rosemarie Padovano, personally experiences blindness as she tries to run through the woods in I-Witness.  The video documents her teaching herself to go against every human cautious instinct, and to take down her guard.  Her recent drawings bring together delicate lines, venerability, geometric forms, night skies, and the experiences of time.  Delicately bringing together a balance of the artist’s hand and existential metaphors these drawings are the evidence of artistic meditations. 

Jenny Salomon begins her drawings with gravestone rubbings or collaged personal photographs investigating how memories are effected by the passing of time.  In her own words “my process of drawing, scraping, scratching, erasing and cutting into the imagery serves as a metaphor for what happens to an actual experience when it becomes a memory”  The physical transformation of memory is captured in the final pieces constructing the evidence of the initial concept.   

Constructed Concepts

on view August 16th-31st 

Rush Arts Gallery 

526 W 26th St, Suite 311

New York, NY 10001

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