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Our Curriculum
At Jarvis Brook, we work to create clever, creative, capable, confident and considerate children. The curriculum is the way we achieve our aims. At Jarvis Brook we aim to teach a broad and balanced and exciting and engaging curriculum; we look for all opportunities for learning for our little people. Whilst we maintain a strong focus on Maths and English, we also ensure our children receive a rich learning experience through topic-based visits and trips, musical and drama opportunities, engagement in a wide range of sports, real-life experiences, like First Aid and Bush Craft and social, moral, spiritual and cultural experiences to make them be the very best people they can be.

Throughout the curriculum, the children are encouraged in all aspects of their work to reflect on what works well, and what would be even better, and are encouraged to quest for quality. What makes us most proud of our children is the fact that they are real thinkers, who consider and care for all around them, and endeavour to be the best they can be.

Here are some of the areas we cover please click to find out more:

Curriculum Map