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CANOE goes Live

May 16, 2004 . Toronto Sun . page 2

Riaz Meghji, left, Gareth Wheeler and Janette Luu host the inaugural
edition of CANOE Live in the Toronto Sun newsroom yesterday.

SUN TV's current affairs program melds print, broadcast and Internet into one media package

We're rolling. SUN TV's current affairs show, CANOE Live, launched last night offering up a blend of information from print, broadcast and the Internet. The show allows viewers to contribute to the show through the canoelive.ca website and that's what sets it apart from a lot of today's TV fare.
"This is not your evening news," said Toronto Sun editor-in-chief Jim Jennings. "They are allowing viewers to be part of the discussion from fashion to pit bulls, from the serious to the absolutely silly." Along with airing on SUN TV Monday to Friday from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. the show will also be streamed to the canoelive.ca website. Web surfers can then view archived shows or just individual segments.
Reporters and columnists from the Sun and 24 hours are also aboard to talk about a wide range of topics including entertainment and sports. Yesterday's show featured pieces on the Sun's series on Chinese immigration in Toronto, the future prospects for the Raptors, what to expect on television this fall and an update on the campaign to Free Bob, the stuffed moosehead detained by bureaucrats with the province's Natural Resources Ministry.
"We are pioneering an approach to current affairs," said CANOE Live spokesman John Wildgust. "But we've been getting a really good response on our website in the days leading up to the launch."