Standards Based Grading Basic Information
We believe the purpose of the report card is to communicate what a student knows and is able to do according to state standards. Grades traditionally include many other factors, such as work completion and student behavior. These traditional grades do not give a clear indication of student learning. In order to accurately reflect student learning our middle school team has spent the last three years developing and piloting a revised grading system based on standards. There are many benefits to these revised practices. 

  • Clear learning goals
  • Descriptive feedback aligned to standards
  • Awareness of strengths and areas needing improvement
  • Opportunities to reassess
  • Grades reflecting student learning
Students will still be required to complete daily tasks and practice in order to work toward proficiency, but assessments of the standards alone will be used to evaluate student learning. Teachers will use a four point grading rubric for evaluating assessments and will consider multiple data points for each standard in determining a final level of proficiency.

Report cards and scores in Infinite Campus will look different for core classes (literacy, reading, math, science and social studies). Teachers will report a rubric score for each standard rather than a letter grade. The rubric score teachers will use is identified below.