Acknowledgement System

Ruler of the School:
We will continue this monthly reward system, but will focus on our RULES: Responsibility, Using Respect, Learning First, Excellent Attitudes, and Safe Choices. The teacher will choose a student who best demonstrates the specified trait for the month. The selected students will be acknowledged by Ms. Kelley at lunch and have their picture displayed on the Ruler of the School bulletin board.
Royal Table: Students who do not move their clip at all during the month get their names announced in the lunch room and get to sit at the Royal Table at lunch. The table is decorated with table cloths, beads, etc. and the students receive a sticker acknowledging their behavior.

Teddy Tickets: Students will receive a Teddy Ticket when they reach "gold" on the clip chart or when a teacher or other adult catches them being good. The Teddy Ticket will go in the ticket bucket in the child's classroom and a name from each homeroom will be drawn every Thursday. The ticket winners' names will be announced on Friday morning, and those students will claim a prize from the office. Any prize donations are welcome J

Classroom Acknowledgement System: Classroom teachers will also reward students for remaining on “green” or “gold” at least four days of the week with a special incentive, such as lunch with the teacher, games, etc.

Erin Daskam,
Sep 30, 2011, 7:50 AM