May Dos

Please focus on the Maydo options for the UNIT we are currently studying.

  1. U.S. Lat/Long Practice

  2. International Pizza Delivery

  3. Lat/Long Match Game

  4. Explore a map of Mars

  5. Interactive U.S. History Map

  6. Satellite Mapping and the Oceans

Early History/Mesopotamia
  1. Ӧtzi the Iceman

  2. British Museum-Mesopotamia

  3. Cuneiform Calculator
  4. Stone Age Tool Kit: Consider what roles these primitive artifacts played for our earliest ancestors.

  1. British Museum - Egypt

  2. NOVA | Explore Ancient Egypt

  3. Discovery Kids Mummy Maker

  4. U of Chicago Mummy Maker
  5. Pyramid Challenge: Can you build the perfect pyramid?
  6. Ancient Egypt Activities   (Only Ancient Egypt activities are approved)
  7. Mummy Maker: Can you prepare a body for mummification?
  8. Renaissance Become a Spice Trader: Are you ready to start your travels?
  9. The Jeweler of Memphis: You are in charge of collecting materials for the head jeweler.