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Jampot has strategic agreement for Sales, Support and Customization Opportunities of following solutions
Discover the ESCAUX edge

The ESCAUX Unified Communication Solution (UCS) offers a unique approach to IP telephony and unified communications. Using a revolutionary architecture that is at once simple as well as flexible, scalable and robust, UCS allows you to save time and money when implementing telephony throughout your company. By treating telephony and communications as services, you can guarantee service delivery and discuss service level agreements with the users. The services are managed in a consolidated way, from one central management interface that can be accessed remotely. UCS is a complete and mature solution, incorporating all aspects of a corporate solution, like call centers, operator consoles and the possibility to design your solution to your needs
ESCAUX: The no 1 alternative in Unified Communication

GUARDIS presents most advanced technologies integrated within MSG (Managed Security Gateway). 

Guardis is a pioneer in the design, monitoring and management aspects of computer security.
 Targeting small and medium enterprises, Guardis launched a unique solution designed for both the infrastructure for growing established businesses in their area.Guardis has set out to develop a technology and security solution that will allow these companies to benefit from the protections that so far, only large companies could afford.


State of Art Trading Floor Telephony and IP Dealerboards by IP TRADE

IP Trade SA, headquartered in Belgium builds the most secure and most reliable IP Trading turrets for the Financial and Securities Industry. The IP Trade Turrets fully integrate with IP PBX’s of major vendors using SIP and vendor specific extensions.

IP Trade offers financial institutions the possibility to take all benefits of enterprise – class IP telephony in the Trading Rooms while preserving all trader specific functionalities. IP Trade is an innovator and provides a fully-functional trader communications platform powered by the world’s most prevalent IP-PBX providers (Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel and Escaux). From the outset, the IP Trade offering has been defined by the needs of the market. It is the first turret designed specifically for the IP world and allows customers to take full advantage of the potential of their distributed IP networks

The IP Trade turrets seamlessly integrate with enterprise telephony system and guarantee the use of key trading features such as intercom, group pick up, calls
interception/supervision and one-to-one or multi-party open line dealing.


ThinMax is a pioneer in implementing thin client solutions across computing verticals.

One of the first few to bring Thin Client Technology to mainstream use. Our pioneering technology has helped many organizations to lower their TCO & improve their application responsiveness.  Proud to be the only thin client manufacturer to have total in-house production

ColamaTM: Virtulization Lab Management Solution by Coriolis Technology: The only solution that gracefully handles nuances of Virtual Lab Management in multi OS / applications environment. Coloma suite of products from Coriolis Technologies offers a one stop solution to the virtual machine image management worries of the enterprises. Colama controls the life cycle of virtual machine images through its centralized repository powered by a smart de-dupe engine and a built-in version control mechanism specially designed to suit the need of virtual machine image files.
ColamaTM  based lab managment is best suited for Educational Institutes, Univesities, Data Denters, Testing setups in IT Companies.