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Jampot Offering

Jampot, incorporated in Pune with Sales and Support office in Mumbai together with its partner in Europe Gephyr Sprl, provides the ideal platform for any SMEs across Europe who are interested in trying business venture in the Indian market with minimum investment and calculated risk with a control mechanism in place. Jampot and Gephyr combined stands on strong technology focus and would not limit the services only to
marketing, account management and project management functions but also extend it in Product support, customization and training
Jampot consulting aims to leverage its strong background of Products and Solutiuons in IT and Telecom domain to exploit the opportunity existed in Small and Medium Enterprise domain by providing specialised services as follows:
India as a market

We are talking about one of the biggest consumer markets and that is precisely the reason why India has attracted several MNC’s. These large Multi National Companies have realized that to succeed in the Indian market-place they need to hire Indian representative who are much more aware of the Indian economic, political, legal and social realities. In the Indian Marketing Scenario, it is the MADE FOR INDIA marketing strategies that work. The SMEs need to follow the same principle.

In corner offices in Mumbai and New Delhi, executives have long recognized that to build real sales volumes they will have to reach outside the big cities. In several categories, rural India is where the growth lies. India's villages now account for 46% of all soft drinks sold, 49% of motorcycles and 59% of cigarettes. Recognizing this reality, multinational companies as well as Indian firms are developing strategies to reach consumers in India's 600,000-plus villages. Experts say "No consumer goods company today can afford to forget that the rural market is a very big part of the Indian consumer market,"