JAMPOT offers consulting services in very very niche areas. Jampot's expert team employs the method of "Been There" and "Done That" in short Jampot's services are backed by success stories in relevant fields and verticals. Jampot Consulting services are not restricted to Small and Medium Enterprises but they are well carved out models to cater the needs of Large, Medium and Small Enterprises
Consulting Enterprises and Organizations is about Identifying pain areas and areas of improvement in Business Processes,Technology and Managment.
Jampot Consulting Services cover following:

  • Next Generation Trading Floor Design:
  • Migration to Unified Communication
  • ITO Management for Small and Medium Organizations
  • Migration to Thin Client Computing and Virtualization
  • Cloud Management for Small and Medium Organizations
  • Business Portfolio Management
  • Program and Project Management


Next Generation Trading Floor Design

Every time the financial corporations with trading floors move to new locations, they have to face a challenge. Technology, the backbone of any modern financial business, changes very rapidly. It's almost impossible to keep pace when you're busy running a corporation.  When the facility change comes after 10-to 15-year period, while technology has 3-4  years refresh cycle and there's a lot to consider as new innovations in various spheres have taken place

Migration to Unified Communication

There are multiple and popular UC solutions are in market who decides what UC services you want with no flexibility to Users Requirement and budget. Using a revolutionary architecture that is at once simple as well as flexible, scalable and robust, UCS allows you to save time and money when implementing telephony throughout your company. By treating telephony and communications as services, you can guarantee service delivery and discuss service level agreements with the users 


ITS Management for Small and Medium Organizations

IT Security is very important and complex and comes with high price ticket and complex management and many times turns out counter productive to SMEs. With MSG, your IT security managed by professionals & Productivity is guaranteed!  You need ● An AntiVirus system designed for SME ● A solution which grow as you need  ● A solution all inclusive and tailor made

Migration to Thin Client Computing and Virtualization
Thin Clients are Zero Maintenance Devices with Low Power Consumption and High on Performance. With no Moving parts inside they much longer life than traditional PCs. Enterprise Thin Clients would come with added features and can be used in Banks, Call Centers, BPO, Accountant Offices, Corporates where specific application could also be installed on Thin Clients. Allows centralized as well as remote management of pool of devices.


Cloud Management for Small and Medium Organizations
IT Infrastructure management is non core business to most of the Enterprises though using complex IT infrastructure with  company. The services like Enterprise Telephony and Unified Communication Services, IT Security ,  Storage and Backups as well as Desktop Management and Streaming Media Services could managed seamlessly as Cloud Based Services offering without Enterprises having to bother about large operating and maintenance costs and managing IT staff which non-core to their business.


Business Portfolio Management
JAMPOT provides specialized Sales and support services. Maintaining dedicated Sales force is overhead to SMEs. Developing sales expertise in to new vertical/ Products and Domains could be extremely challenging for them. Jampot fills the gap by working  closely with Enterprises understanding their offering and being sales partner.
Jampot has successfully implemented this model for SME companies in Europe having niche and state of Art Solutions.

rogram and Project Management
JAMPOT brings in Core Project an Program Managmant expertise having managed multisite, Offshoring and local projects. In SME segment good management of Installation , Deployments, Migrations and Rollouts could be very challenging due lack of in-house expertise of the same