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Events this week:  
  baseball games tues and thursday at Lawn 

In order to tryout or practice on either team all required paperwork must be on file with the Athletic Director! Required: Current (within 1 year) Physical, Notarized Assumption of risk, and Jamestown Student Athlete Responsibilities form.

Plan accordingly- In order to tryout for a team, all student-athletes must have a valid physical on record (Physicals are only good for one calendar year), a notarized assumption of risk (good for 3 years), and a Student Athlete Responsibilities form. Additionally once you've made a team, you will need a signed concussion risk form per sport.

Parents: Please be respectful of our coaches time and be ready to pick athletes up after away competitions upon arrival of the bus!

Email The Athletic Director

401-423-7010 Ext: 251

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