What is Title 1?

    Title 1 is a federally funded program that provides additional instruction in Reading and Language Arts for students.  The teacher and materials are provided by Title 1 funds.  Title 1 is a great opportunity for students to receive extra help and boost their confidence.  The goal of Title 1 is to provide a high quality education for every child. Parent involvement is encouraged.  A part of the program is the Parent-Student-Teacher Compact, which asks the parent, child, and teacher to make a commitment to work together to provide the best education possible for children.

What happens in the Title 1 classroom?

    Since we are now school wide, students may be pulled out to the Title 1 classroom where they will work with the Title 1 teacher to improve math, reading, and writing skills in a small group, or the teacher will work with the child within the regular ed. classroom.

What will my child work on in Title 1?

    The Title 1 teacher will work closely with the classroom teacher to assess the child's educational needs and to develop strategies to improve the child's achievement and success rate.  The Title 1 teacher is there to focus on the child and give the child the skills he/she needs to be more successful. 

What is my role as a parent?

    Parents are strongly encouraged to participate in their child's education.  The parent is the most important teacher a child has.  Parents are encouraged to do the following:
  • Attend meetings
  • Help their child learn at home
  • Keep teachers informed
  • Attend conferences
  • Ask questions
  • Give ideas and suggestions
  • Be supportive
  • Be a reading role model.  Let your child see you read daily.
  • Read to your child EVERY day
  • Praise efforts and improvement-no matter how small it may seem to you!

Where can I get more information about Title 1?

Please contact Mrs. Porter, the Title 1 teacher, at (660)849-2141.