Welcome to Mr. Hirschvogel's Social Studies Page

Classroom Rules and Expectations

1.  Respect your classmates.
2.  Respect yourself.
3.  Respect your classroom environment.

*Students missing class for any reason are expected to assume responsibility for collecting missing notes and assignments, or to schedule test and quiz makeups.  The homework policy in the student handbook will be followed for missing homework, quizzes, and tests.
*Students are expected to report to class with their assigned textbook, a notebook, and a pen or pencil, everyday.

Learning Standards

Regardless of the course, in my classroom, I strive to help students make connections from historical events to the current events we face in our our community, state, nation, and world today. It is my goal to see that they understand how our government operates and impacts their lives, and that they understand the principles of both the United States Constitution and Missouri Constitution, so that they may know their guaranteed rights and freedoms.  We will employ a wide variety of tools to help us achieve our learning goals, including maps, statistics, surveys, and documents.  When students leave my classroom, I expect them to become an active citizen in their community and an informed participant in all levels of government.