Reported Incident - Bugs

Post date: Jun 21, 2015 5:11:55 PM

Campus security has had a handful of odd reports lately, all centering around unusual insect activity. In the latest incident, several students reported witnessing another group of students being attacked by two swarms of bugs, of both the creepy crawly kind and the flying kind. The incident occurred along the path on the residential side of campus last night.

Several students were seen fighting off the swarms as best they could. A few witnesses say that the incident looked relatively bleak and then, suddenly, the insects dissipated mysteriously. Just prior to end of the attack the following was heard, shouted by one of the attacking students: "Everybody on this bus cuz' we're headed to victory!".

One student, whose name has been withheld, was treated for a multitude of insect bites and minor stings. However, no serious injuries have been reported.

Dr. Bethany Moore, from our Sciences department, stated that "the insect behavior describe is unusual and highly unlikely. Especially when you analyze the descriptions people have given of these so-called 'swarms'. You see, the insects described simply would not behave harmoniously in such a manner. I suspect, instead, that the reports were exaggerated, especially on a Friday night."

Regardless, the science department has agreed to continue looking into the situation.

In unrelated news, a student recently received disciplinary action for violating the school's "stalker" policies. Students are reminded that they should always travel in pairs or groups, especially at night, and to stick to well-lit locations on campus. If you feel you are in danger, remember to dial *611 for campus security or look for one of the lighted blue security call posts.

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