Dramascape Does it Agan!

Post date: Feb 15, 2014 6:41:36 PM

Every now and then a company does something cool. First, Dramascape makes cool battlemaps for modern and sci-fi RPGs. It seems that there are hundreds of companies that create dungeon or fantasy-based maps, but few that create them for modern settings. Dramascape not only produces them, but produces maps that are truly some of the highest quality around.

But, what’s really cool, are the two maps that they have made based on my suggestions. Last year sometime, a brief online comment (Facebook maybe), along the lines of “hey, it would be great if you had a mall of some sort. I mean, how many zombie games happen in a mall?” resulted in a mini mall map. I was pleasantly surprised that Simon took my suggestion and turned it into a product, especially that quickly.

Well, a few days ago I posted a comment about one of Simon’s pictures that included a plastic train. A few posts back and forth between the two of us and some other folks and now we have a modern-day train map, complete with all the cars that we had suggested such as log, boxcar, passenger, and cattle car. All from a passing comment about one of his online posts.

So thanks Simon and the team at Dramascape! Your responsiveness to your fans and customers is appreciated!

You can find Dramascape’s Mini Mall here and the new Train here.